SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

When she returns to her house after the funeral, there’s another dead snake on her front porch. I think this one was a rat snake, but at this point it’s getting pretty fucking weird. She calls my uncle again, and he gets rid of it.

Then, the next morning, she walks outside to get the paper, and there’s a fucking buzzard ten feet in front of her porch eating a dead snake. According to her, it just stared at her for a couple of minutes then flew off. We all hate her at this point, but I remember her telling the story and seeing the look of fear in her eyes and having any remaining doubt that she had killed my grandfather removed.

I’m an atheist and think it was all just an amazing coincidence, but thinking about it still kind of gives me the willies.”


16. Pet-sat for a dog that lived in a house where the ghosts hated me.

“I was pet-sitting for a client that goes to the vet clinic I worked at. I was to stay overnight and basically just live there while they were gone. No big deal, I pet-sit on a regular basis. This was the first time I stayed at their house and it was very big and definitely nice (owner was a surgeon). The day went by fine and then night came. I was told to sleep upstairs with the lab. When it was time for bed, she did not want to go upstairs. Had her tail between her legs and was whining. This had me a little nervous since she normally sleeps upstairs with the owners. After 5 minutes of trying, I finally get her up. I went to the bedroom and climbed in bed. Obviously, it’s common for houses to creak and what not at night, so when pet-sitting I always look to the dogs to see if they are nervous. If it’s a normal house noise, they aren’t disturbed. Lights go out, and the dog was pacing like crazy. And then the shadows appear under the door. Constantly moving and definitely not mine or the dog’s. They don’t have any other pets, so this worried me some, but I dismissed it. Then it sounded like a moving team was working in the room next to me. It literally sounded like the entire room was being rearranged. Dressers dragging across the floor and slamming into the walls, causing them to shake and lots of dragging/ screeching noises. (I never had the nerve to open the door to this room, so I’m not positive what was making the noise.) Now the dog started whining, cowering, and won’t stop looking from me to the door. At this point I’m scared and contemplating making a mad dash downstairs. I built up the courage to open my bedroom door after 20 minutes of constant dragging, crashing, and screeching, and dashed down the stairs, dog at my feet. All the noises I heard stopped and the whole house is quiet. I got to the outside door, which was a pain because it sticks and was hard to open. Then to close it you have to slam it shut or it doesn’t latch. I opened it and got outside with the dog. I turned around to slam the door shut and before I reach the handle the door slams in my face. The next morning, I returned with the dog to feed her breakfast. I went in through the attached garage and all is fine in the house. While the dog was eating, I decided to go outside and get the mail. I returned to the garage door, which was locked, and I had left in unlocked. Luckily, I had the front door key in my car and could enter. Needless to say, I didn’t stay there again.

TL; DR: Didn’t believe in ghosts. Pet-sat for a dog that lived in a house where the ghosts hated me.”



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