SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Edit: I’m messaging one of the girls on Facebook now to try to get a digital copy of the original photo. I can show it to you and then try to Photoshop in what it looked like.

Double Edit: She says she still has it but not with her. She is going to have her mom try to scan it. To be honest, it’s going to be a disappointing candid shot of two girls hanging out, if I can’t get the exact one I’ll still Photoshop a random one to look like the original for all intents and purposes.

Triple Edit: Alright! OP Delivers. I have the original photo. This is a scanned copy of the print shrunk down to normal size and corrected in Photoshop a little bit (her mom couldn’t use the scanner settings so it was like 6000 pixels wide). The picture IS normally in black and white (I didn’t change that) since they were using black and white film.

And this is my artistic rendition of what I remember seeing in the photo to the best of my memory and ability. I remember the face looking more obviously feminine (you could see the hair better, on the actual print the background is lighter looking, this scanned version loses some detail). The girl was Caucasian, between 12 and 20, her mouth was open and the face was a bit more distinct than this version and it wasn’t anyone we could recognize (at least of the people there that night, although again, it was a small school). I should also mention that we checked every other photo that night to make sure they didn’t have one that was posed similarly to the odd ‘phantom girl’ in case something ‘bled over?’ somehow? I was a graphic design student not a photography person, so I’m not certain what sort of crazy stuff can go on when developing film. It was pretty much impossible to see the face in the film (since the negative makes the contrast all weird and it was tiny) so I can’t honestly say I saw it on the film itself, but it was very obvious on the prints, and later it was very obviously NOT on the prints. Definitely a weird experience. I’m still not sure it can be chalked up to supernatural (somehow fucked up the development process the exact same way twice maybe?) but it was definitely fascinating, unusual and strangely chilling.”



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