SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

11. Bad luck with the Ouija board.

“The most paranormal thing I’ve experienced was probably the time when a friend of mine and my brother tried to communicate with ‘ghosts’.

Me and my friend were having a drink downstairs and I came out of the kitchen and turned off the light that was shining outside and after I sat down he said that the light just blinked and after a couple of minutes we decided we should try to make contact with ‘ghosts’ to see if there are any in my house. (At this point my Grandfather (3 years dead) at that time and my dog (Less than a year) were the only things I knew of that died nearby)

So after we made the Ouija board my brother came downstairs and joined us. We decided that we were going to give it around 3 tries, the first time nothing really happened except for a little bit of moving of the glass but that could’ve been easily one of us. The second try went basically the same but my brother felt some chills down his spine and I thought that I saw a weird kind of mist walking past the couch he was sitting on.

On the third time, we didn’t something would happen since nothing really happened the first two times but as soon as we wanted to leave, we heard an extremely loud BANG from the side. At that time, I thought the fucking wall collapsed or something in that nature. But it scared the living shit out of everyone after that happened my brother quickly turned on the light and we saw what happened. A portrait of my dog was RIPPED of the wall. (on a side note; it was impossible to get that off with bare hands even) After that we rushed upstairs and tried to sleep. I didn’t have so much trouble with it because if it’s my dog that would be awesome but I’ve heard other things in the house as well which makes me consider it. that was my story.”



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