45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

14. She kicked a hole in the door and was threatening me with a knife.

“She came home wasted after not telling me where she was, like ridiculously wasted, tells me she was hanging out with and flirting with random dudes…uhh okay? So, argument, whatever I’m sleeping on the couch.

Fifteen minutes later, she fucking just starts throwing everything at me, punching, scratching, etc. Mind you, I really didn’t know many people there, it was cold out and had no where else to go, this was in the south too so no cops or else I’m going to jail.

So, I lock myself in the bathroom thinking she’ll get worn out. Well, she kicked a hole in the door and was threatening me with a knife, just crazy shit. Literally a “Heeeere’s Johnny!” moment.

Idr how that night ended, but the next morning our apartment was destroyed. Decided I was moving out ASAP. My mom (who had plenty of her own issues) died about a week later, ex supported me, cool. Well, about a month after the funeral, got into another fight with her where she ended up again, attacking me, then telling me that I would end up useless just like my mom (in much harsher and specific words).

God that crazy bitch did some psychological damage. Despite all of that, I hope she’s gotten better than she was when she was with me. I haven’t even scratched the surface of crazy shit from her. She just had a horrible childhood, etc. Glad I got out of there.”



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