45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

The final straw was when I finally got distance from her, she broke into my house to steal my dogs, and smashed some family heirlooms. Called the police and she just openly started punching me in the face in their presence. Got a no trespass order.

She married the ex-con who is back in prison. This absolved me somehow of the debt. I think. Either way it disappeared.

I did indeed find out that the miscarriage was a fabrication.

The dogs were never taken or harmed successfully, Jerry and Reggie are currently looking at me from the foot of the bed waiting for their foodie. :)

However, I was left with a pair of cats she wanted, who were never vetted and thus started a kitten factory. When I finally got the trespass order, guess who lived just far enough to not break the order? That’s right, the neighbor she was screwing. Guess who let her stay? Same fucking guy. Well, I guess he got his in the end, kind of. We had a litter of 8 kittens yet to be weened. When I got rid of her, it was her crutch to stay in contact. She INSISTED she had homes all lined up and couldn’t renege on them. So I gave her the 8 kittens. Well, I found out recently she never rehomed them all. Just 1 or 2. She dumped the other 6 on the neighbor. The neighbor got fed up and threw all the kittens in the surrounding woods. I still see a stray or two around the neighborhood but they’re very skittish and I haven’t been able to do anything about them. The kicker is I got the blame by other neighbors. The cats ended up having a second litter of 8 and then surrendered to AHS.

It was pointed out she may have been bipolar/mentally ill. She was prescribed Prozac by her HCP. Why? I don’t know. But the prescription ran out and she had to see him again and I know he recommended she saw a psychiatrist and I don’t think she ever did.

For clarification, she fabricated the miscarriage story which I obviously tried to be compassionate about, which is why I put up with all this bullshit for as long as I did.”



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