45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

43. She grabs the knife and charges after me and I run out of the room.

“This is gonna be long. First of all she was borderline personality disorder (your either the greatest thing ever I love you so much or your worse then Hitler screaming throwing shit etc.) so that comes with erratic behavior. After our first real date (we met at a party) she spent the night with me (no fucking I was too special to be a rebound) and ended up staying for the next 8 days (I wasn’t complaining this was the good times). Within the month she rarely ever went to her house (lived with her mom who was abusive we were both in college).

People wonder why I let her stay when it got bad but the thing was she was a solid ten. She literally had done some modeling. She was 36 26 38 D, blonde haired blue eyed bombshell. I’m fine I’m like a 6, 7 if I try, I’m short but I’m funny and never really had trouble with the ladies but I was seriously batting above my average. And the sex Jesus the sex. By month two we’d been to the sex toyshop and gotten a bunch of stuff. We would fuck an average of 15 times a week (usually once a day during the week then weekends we’d only leave the bed to pay the pizza delivery man). She could cum multiple multiple times and I could stay hard even after I came so we would sometimes literally go for an hour or two till we were exhausted. We once had the cops called (then walls cheep neighborhood) because she was screaming so loud the neighbor thought someone was being attacked.

Now for the bad stuff. When it wasn’t the above it was bad. She drank mostly every night and she would get suspicious of me for all sorts of stuff and get mad, (no porn) if I said something wrong she would get mad, if I laughed at something I shouldn’t she got mad. There’s dozens of stories of her hitting and kicking me (I wrestled for a dozen years I can handle it) stealing things I need and storming off (keys, wallet, phone charger) breaking things of mine (thankfully never anything big like a TV) but then the next day she would apologize and it would be a really good week (after she had an “episode” I was guaranteed like 5 blowjobs that week). I felt bad cause there was really something wrong with her and it was hard to deal with.

The worst story is as follows. I was asleep in my bed (work at 7) when she comes in at two in the morning (been drinking with her friends) she has a friend with her and asks if ill take her home cause she’s to drunk (she literally drove past this girls house to get to mine) I say fine and take the girl home. When I come back she’s passed out on the sofa in the living room so I wake her up to take her to bed. She’s in heels so I wrap her arm around my shoulders and am half carrying her once we get in my room she pushed me off and said she can do it herself. Her very first step she face plants into a pile of dirty clothes and I laugh (it was super funny the timing her drunkness). She immediately starts screaming and hitting me I grab her wrists (wrist control) and I push her onto the bed. I didn’t realize the new filet knife she got for Christmas (bit of a cook) was on the bedside table. She grabs the knife and charges after me and I run out of the room. I’m in the middle of the room sofa is behind me and she’s screaming and charging, I straight up matador a bitch and she flies right into the sofa. I’m super lucky that she didn’t stab herself at all here or I still be in jail no one would believe me. I run back into my room and lock the door. She is pounding on the door yelling at me for about 20 min tell she passes out again. It’s about 3 now and I have work in 4 hours. I leave her in the hallway until I go to work and move her to the bed. When I get home she’s cooking and super cheery. She was blackout and didn’t remember any of it. She was so sorry and couldn’t believe it and it’ll never happen again (it never did we kept the knifes in the kitchen) and she gave me a blowjob right there in the kitchen.

I’d like to say I grew a backbone and made her leave one day but it’s not true. She eventually left me after 2 years and is doing all the same crazy shit to some other poor guy.

TL:DR; she was super hot and tried to stab me.”



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