45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

33. She made it clear that if we broke up she would kill herself. And she did.

“She made it clear that if we broke up she would kill herself. She killed herself two weeks after I told her she couldn’t come back to live with me.”


34. She would cut herself and blame me for leaving her alone with her demons.

“Wow where to start. Sorry for formatting, I’m on mobike.

Breaking my PlayStation by throwing it in the washing machine because she didn’t like PS, she liked Xbox.

Cutting herself and blaming me for leaving her alone with her demons (when I would go to work).

Lying to me about being pregnant (and a subsequent miscarriage that was my fault somehow)

Threatening to slash my car’s tires if I tried to leave without telling her where I was going

Lighting one of my concert tees on fire as a punishment for being home late from work.

Getting upset I attended some concerts because live music is “immature”, flash forward 2-3 weeks later and she’s upset with me because she wanted to go to a music festival that I didn’t want to drive to. When I reminded her live music was immature, she flipped her shit.

Throwing glass bowls at my head during arguments.

Following me when I’d leave the room when she got angry until she calmed down.

Telling me multiple times I should kill myself and I’m worthless and not fit to be a father.

Taking my phone and my laptop and factory resetting them because she didn’t have my passwords.

Hiding my phone from me for days at a time so I couldn’t talk to my friends, after all I didn’t need them, I had her, and they weren’t real friends anyways.

Taking my phone and texting my friends, including my best friend, who she went off on for absolutely no reason and said the most bike nasty things, and deleted the messages so I couldn’t see them. Almost lost my best friend over it.

Hiding my car keys.

Smashed my TV.

Ripped up a sentimental poster.




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