45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

31. She and her family call Child Protective Sevices the next day with a bunch of lies about how my family was treating me.

“Was insecure 15 year old at the time dating a 14 year old. I know, not my best move. Was going to this girls house every day for 9 months and got super close to her and her family told them a bunch of really personal shit that even my family didn’t know. Had a ton of pressure from her parents for me and her to get married and we had only been dating 5 months. Was so insecure and terrified of losing her I would do anything they asked and borderline shunned my entire family because of it. Was so brainwashed I didn’t realize how fucking crazy she was until she told me I had to text her before I went anywhere and make sure she was okay with it and she was forcing me to get a tracker on my phone and an app that reported all my internet browsing to her phone. I finally had enough of my life getting run by this girl and her family that I got the confidence to end up dumping her over text. Not the best move but I had put up with so much of their shit I didn’t care. She and her family call Child Protective Sevices the next day with a bunch of lies about how my family was treating me and even offer to take me in. They show up and investigate my family for months causing us so many problems. Had a lot of depression after that and didn’t end up dating anyone for 3 years after.

Fuck that bitch and I’m glad I’ve found someone now who makes me happy and is relatively sane.”


32. She told everyone I’d beaten her, raped her, cheated on her, and got her pregnant.

“Going into high school, I dated a girl for a few months. Things got too serious, and she broke up with me. Big deal, I was bummed but I knew I’d live. My best friend moved away right as summer started so I spent a lot of time alone.

Fast forward to the first day of school, almost all my “friends” refuse to talk to me. There were rumors about me that I had (check all that apply):

)beaten this girl

)raped this girl

)cheated on this girl

)gotten this girl pregnant

I was beyond words. She broke up with me! Why the fuck was she straight up lying about me? I ended up having to basically reforge all my social circles to not include people who were salty over things that literally never happened.

Here’s the kicker: She didn’t spread the rumors. Her psycho best friend who was secretly in love with her did. This girl was a year ahead of my ex and I, so that explains why I could never trace the rumors.

The ex and I smoothed things out right before graduation, so I feel good about that.”



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