45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

22. She said if I broke up with her she would tell the police I tried to rape her.

“Well the red flag was her wanting to move in together after less than a month. She would lie compulsively about sleeping with other people, pregnancy tests, being in danger, stranded, just to get a reaction out of me but I always found it sad because she was obsessed with me and wanted to spend every waking hour together. She was jealous of my own family and when I got tired of her brand of crazy she threatened to kill herself and when I went to see if she was OK she said she didn’t want to be alone, next day she said if I broke up with her she would tell the police I tried to rape her. Thank the sweet and kind lord that I didn’t have sex with her that night because that would have been trouble. I destroyed her and her lawyers weak ass case by saving all the conversations and crazy messages and filing a restraining order as soon as she threatened me, I don’t play with anyone’s life.”


23. She tried to run me over.

“When we were 15 I split up with a girl, bout a month later a car rides a curb and almost clips me. It wasn’t till a few years later when I ran into her that she told me that she’d grabbed the steering wheel out of her mums hand when she’d spotted me walking.”



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