45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

19. She ‘turned into a werewolf’ and tried to kill my roommate.

“Had an ex “turn into a werewolf” and try to kill my roommate.

Buckle up boys, it’s story time.

Dated a crazy girl during my senior year of high school. We broke up around Christmas time, but I still asked her to prom a few months later. During the prom after party, she was desperately trying to hook up with me, but even in my drunken mindset, I knew that was a bad idea and she eventually passed out. Unfortunately, in that same mindset, I figured it was a good idea to go make out with my friend’s prom date in another room (they went as friends, they weren’t together so no bro-code violation was ever filed with the high courts) and my ex walked in and saw it happen. I don’t really recall how that night ended, but I know she left really early in the morning and I hadn’t heard from her since.

Fast forward to my first semester away at college that she is also attending. My roommate, his girlfriend, and a group of my friends decided to hang out with her despite my protests. In the middle of a night of drinking at a party a couple miles from campus, she gets mad when I reject her advances and storms off. Nobody chased after her (lol) which I guess made her even more mad.

So at the end of the party when we all part ways, I am hanging out in a dorm parking lot with my now current girlfriend in her car when I start getting a series of phone calls from the ex. I let them go to voicemail, but we listened to them. They started out with her crying and quietly saying things like “I miss you.” Then they started getting louder and louder and her starting to say things like “I’m…chaaaaaanging” and then growling into the phone followed by a gentle, “I love you.” Anyways, we just laugh at her and go inside and went to bed.

So here is what happened during my slumber:

My roommate decided to go back to his then-girlfriend’s dorm for the night. This was the same building that my ex lived in (they might have even shared a room, I forget that part of the story). So they get into the building and start walking down the hallway to their room when something straight out of a movie happened. They heard growling, and turned around to see my ex at the end of the hallway where they had just come from. She took off into a sprint towards them screaming about how she is a werewolf and wants to kill/eat them. My roommate managed to push her away, but got a pretty gnarly scratch from her in the process. They fumbled with their key, but made it into the room and locked the door just as she reached them again. She pounded on the door and continued to scream. They called the cops, and eventually she was detained and questioned. Ultimately they asked my roommate/his gf if they wanted to press charges, but they said no (wtf) they just wanted her away from them.

She left school the next day and I haven’t seen here since. I think she goes to a smaller school closer to home now. That night was a major eye-opener to say the least.”



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