45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

15. She beat the shit out of my truck with a claw hammer.

“She was slightly bipolar, but on meds so it was fine. She was perfectly balanced. Well, she ended up slipping on some ice and fucking up her back, so she went and got a steroid shot. The steroid shot really fucked up the chemical balances in her brain, causing her to go manic. I was prepared to see her through it after we figured out what happened. Up until she went out and fucked some other dude. I was even willing to work through it, but she destroyed a couple very expensive remote control planes when I confronted her. So she was gone. I dropped off all her shit at her dad’s place and changed the locks.

Nothing much happened for a couple weeks. Then she showed up at my work, out of the blue, and proceeded to beat the shit out of my truck with a claw hammer. Cops were called, she got arrested. After about a month, she called me up apologizing. I shot her down and said I wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with someone who destroyed my otherwise mint condition 1994 F150 that I loved dearly. She flipped and started leaving these really weird voicemails. Eventually had to get a restraining order. Haven’t heard from her since.”


16. She came to my house brandishing a knife.

“She sent me death threats after we broke up. Threatening to kill me or to get her mum to kill me. She did come to my house once, brandishing a knife; I’m not proud that I wound up breaking her wrist to get it from her. She sent her friends after me to gather information about who I was seeing, what I did day to day…

And we were only 15 when this all went down.”



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