30 Things Everyone Should Experience At Least Once

Women experiencing the world
Unsplash / Kinga Cichewicz

1. Enter a sensory deprivation tank

“Sensory deprivation tanks. It will blow your mind! It takes a good 20 minutes in the tank before you actually start to relax but once you do, it can be the most peaceful, therapeutic, and clarifying experience you’ve ever had in your life. I’ve never known anyone who has tried it and didn’t go back again. It is seriously life changing.” — Swishergirl34

2. Plan your own vacation

“Planning and taking a vacation to a place you’ve never been.

It’s one thing to be brought along by your friends or parents, but actually being the one in charge is a whole different ballgame. Figuring out flights, hotels, transportation, then dealing with the consequences of one of those things falling through… it’s a great learning experienced. I was already 22 when I took a backpacking trip to Europe with a buddy, but that trip was the first time I actually felt like an adult.” — Notmiefault

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