25 Backpackers And Park Rangers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Found Lurking In The Woods

4. We found a massive pile of skinned animal carcasses

“I was hiking in so woods on a property my father rented as farm ground with my older brother. After a while we noticed a sickly sweet smell, being farm kids we knew what it was, something dead and left to rot. As we kept walking we entered a mash like area, soft, squishy ground and very tall grass. We had walked through marsh like areas before so we walked on the large grass clumps, being very careful where we placed our feet. After making it to a larg clump of solid ground I look up and find a massive pile of skinned animal carcasses. The pile was easily over 10 feet tall, with a 15 foot circumference. It comprised of every animal you could think of, rabbit, fox, coyote, deer, weasel, cat, dog, raccoon, and others I couldn’t recognize. The old man that owned the land trapped year-round for anything he could get. He just kept throwing the carcasses in the same pile year after year. After we left the area it dawned on me, the marsh was not in a lowland like most marshy places. The group was just saturated with the decaying fluids of all those animals. That’s also the reason the grass was abnormally tall in that area.” — Handlbar_relay_box 


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