25 Backpackers And Park Rangers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Found Lurking In The Woods

12. We spotted the vehicle someone used to abduct hikers

“Oh man. I hope someone reads this, ’cause holy shit.

I like primitive camping and me and my wife go out sometimes by ourselves. We usually bring the dog and spend a couple nights. This time we invited some friends for drinking shenanigans.

Anyways, on the first day we heard a vehicle coming down the road. Not odd, there are maybe 10 more sites on this several miles of road. It’s a dirt road with nothing there BUT these primitive sites, one way in one way out.

What is odd though, is that the vehicle was a meat packing truck (or maybe ice cream truck). It was old, really old, and all the lettering/signage was faded or taken off. It was this fading beige and decrepit. None of us actually made out the person driving it, but there were no tags/plates on the back at all.

So we all get creeped out but collectively kind of decide it wasn’t as weird as we thought and get back to enjoying our night.

Flash forward to the next morning, my mom calls. She is panicking, freaking out. Apparently, some hikers were abducted near us. There are several girls at our site including my wife and she is convinced it was them (no names were released). I wanted to know how near, so I pulled up my GPS and an article I found about it with their last known locations.

It was about half a mile away from where we were.

I legit don’t remember what happened after that but I’m scouring the news from those years hard to find an article. I want to say they found one of the girls tied to a tree. Apparently there are quite a lot of people abducted and murdered on and near the parkway, finding this. Pretty sure they never found the guy though.” — onlythisonecomment


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