25 Backpackers And Park Rangers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Found Lurking In The Woods

11. I found a human arm from a murdered woman

“A human arm. I was working for the city park board, and a woman had been murdered and the asshole who killed her cut her into 6 pieces and scattered them around the city. The park is big, but it’s within the city, and idiot criminals seem to think they’re in the Yukon out there. Little did he know, a camera above the parking area for the garden where I worked caught him. The whole thing was grizzly. I had to testify as a witness. My worst memory of it was having to leap over the arm while we were waiting for the cops and shoo a kid and his grandma away so they wouldn’t blunder onto the crime scene. It took me a long time to get over the sense that any kind of branch or log on the forest floor could be a sad person. I still hate mannequin hands/arms.” — conefishinc


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