SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Finally, during a break at the end of the week I went back to my room for a nap. I found my TV was on and the volume was extremely loud. I didn’t think much of it, maybe the kids had been playing ps2 in my room and forgot to turn it off. I grabbed the remote, laid on the bed, and hit the power button…the TV stayed on. I took the batteries out, tried again, and still the TV was on. I picked my lazy ass up, walked to the TV, and pressed the power button. Nothing. I turned the volume down. Nothing. I finally unplugged the TV and…Nothing. Totally freaking out, I unplugged the cable cord thinking maybe some weird surge through that was keeping the TV on. Nope. I sat there holding the TV power cord, cable cord, and remote and was watching my TV continue to play. I ran from the room, got another counselor, and showed them. He promptly freaked the fuck out and we left the building to get the camp director—and when he got to my room the TV was off. Fuck.”


8. The thing that shakes my bed.

“I’ve got what I call a ‘bed shaker.’ Whatever it is has been following me around since I was about 8. My mom used to like to prank me when I was a kid and hide near my bed and shake it. One night, I was in bed and the bed was shaking so I yelled at my mom ‘Stop shaking my bed!’ I heard her and my father reply ‘We’re in the living room!’ and I quickly booted it downstairs.

It happened every few years here and there and stopped from the time I was 18 until about a year and a half ago. Now it’s happening every few weeks. I’ll wake up to my bed shaking like fuck, and of course I’m terrified. The one time I was grateful for the bed-shaker was about a year ago. My bed started doing that funky dance, and I woke up. My daughter (who was under a year) started HOWLING. I ran into her room and the wee lamp shade on her nightlight had tipped and the bulb started burning through the shade. Thank FUCK I got in there on time.”



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