SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

To be honest? The rest of us thought it was awesome. We were trying to figure out what had happened. It didn’t look like the girl that had taken the picture, there weren’t any reflective surfaces, the girls claimed they didn’t do it on purpose to freak people out. We looked at the film and you could still sort of see the face so they developed another one too just to see again. Exactly the same. One picture the art teacher locked in his office to show off on Monday, the other was passed around the rest of the night and eventually given back to the girls.

Come Monday things got even more strange. The girls were freaking out again and showed the art teacher their copy of the photo. The face was gone. Again, suspecting foul play he got the photo from his office and was shocked to say the face was also absent in that photo. EVERYONE was in uproar at this point with how crazy creepy the whole thing was. They decided to develop yet another photo to see what happened, but when it came out? Nothing. No face. Not a trace of it. Nada. The art teacher confirmed it was still the original film (because of the rest of the photos on it maybe? Difficult to remember) and was befuddled by the whole ordeal. He kept teasing the girls about it and they are since terrified of that building. I even had my 5th year high school reunion this September and one of the two girls was there, we talked about it. She says she still gets uneasy seeing that building driving by (not that she is ever really back in town).

I wish I had some sort of story about a girl who died in the building or a gruesome murder but there hasn’t been a murder in the town for over 70 years (very small town). Who knows what happened. All I can say is having seen the photo myself it did not look like a smudge or bizarre photo effect. It was definitely a human face, of a girl I did not recognize. My bet is they faked it with some sort of unique effect, though I normally wouldn’t consider them near as devious or motivated for something that elaborate. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun story.


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