75 People Confess The One Thing They’ve Finally Forgiven Themselves For

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75 People Confess The One Thing They've Finally Forgiven Themselves For
Joshua Rawson-Harris

1. “I forgive myself for being a cause of my own heartbreak. For every high-sky expectations, assuming and unrealistic thinking. I forgive myself for always caring about the people who doesn’t care about me. For being so damn available wishing that they will do the same.”

2. “For believing that I was worthless and didn’t deserve love.”

3. “For not being perfect, as independent as I’d like, for being disabled, for being young and SO dumb, for being unemployed, and for not getting my health attended to before it became a crisis.”

4. “For thinking I wasn’t good enough, thinking every other person was better than me, for not appreciating God for creating and loving me. For not loving myself.”

5. “I forgive myself for trying to patch things up (and still seeing that we could really be happy) when it was really a lost cause two years ago because the trust was never given back anymore…”

6. “I have forgiven myself for all the self-harm and neglect I’ve done to my body. I’ve learned to control my feelings and I now give myself nothing but pure love.”

7. “For falling in love with the wrong people. Sometimes you just got to let life take you somewhere even if most of the time it’s painful.”

8. “I’ve forgiven myself for being vulnerable from violence and failing to protect others around. Now, those lessons made my second personality.”

9. “For every stupid decision I’ve done in my life and for pushing away the people who really cared because I shut everyone out.”

10. “Wasting 6 months with my ex and not trusting my gut. Also still working on forgiving myself for being to hard on the man I dated after him. That’s one of my biggest regrets.”

11. “For pressuring myself too much and not believing in what I can do. For listening to other people’s opinions who know nothing about me.”

12. “For not being where I thought I’d be hitting 30. Life is a journey and the bumpiest roads are the most memorable.”

13. “For trusting people who are clearly untrustworthy.”

14. “Not always succeeding, and not always trying my best.  Also, for staying staying in a very unhealthy relationship.”

15. “For hating myself so much.”

16. “For letting someone break me for three years and steal my smile.”

17. “Not knowing how to cherish someone and losing them because of who I had allowed myself to become.”

18. “For going out with worthless guys and for not loving myself enough. Ha! I should have known better.”

19. “For loving the wrong people.”

20. “For being overly anxious over certain social situations.”

21. “For being in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.”

22. “Having a huge heart and getting walked all over.”

23. “For caring more about others then they care about me.”

24. “Staying in a relationship with my ex much longer than I should have.”

25. “Not being a perfect mom after my husband died and I was broken and trying to raise four broken kids alone.”

26. “For not fueling my body with what it needs to be at its optimum level.”

27. “Trying to live up to others’ expectations.”

28. “For not listening to my intuition the minute I felt it.”

29. “For staying in an abusive relationship.”

30. “For loving someone too much up to the point where I almost forgot to love my own self.”

31. “For believing i’m not worth the love of anyone.”

32. “For believing I was what they said I was. Now i know my worth.”

33. “Marrying my ex. I have my son, I have my son, I have my son.”

34. “Forgave myself for letting people take me for granted.”

35. “For blaming myself for bad stuff that’s happened in my life when I truly had no control over it.”

36. “For having been a drug addict for 10 years.”

37. “Always telling myself I’m too fat and will never be good enough.”

38. “For letting some negative opinions feed me until I doubt myself and my potential.”

39. “Fighting so hard for the wrong people; wish I had invested that energy somewhere else.”

40. “I forgive myself for falling for someone who does not want me in return. Again.”

41. “For letting him make me feel like I was worthless and it was all my fault.”

42. “Talking while I was angry, feeling bad about my body.”

43. “For not thinking critically.”

44. “For being blind to the truth of what my husband was.”

45. “For giving hopeless people chances.”

46. “I forgive myself for believing the lies I was told, knowing where it would lead.”

47. “Trying to belong in an unrequited love.”

48. “For using self-harm as a way of coping when I was younger.”

49. “For giving a 2nd chance to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Too bad, I wasted my time.”

50. “For giving too much of myself.”

51. “For letting people hurt me and for being so DUMB.”

52. “For letting someone use me and manipulate me for years, because I thought he loved me.”

53. “For being so disgusted by my appearance.”

54. “For giving 100% of myself to people who never cared.”

55. “That time I ripped my pants in gym class.”

56. “For being too kind to people who don’t even deserve my kindness.”

57. “For letting some people to treat me bad.”

58. “For missing him.”

59. “For not being perfect.”

60. “Getting married early.”

61. “For hating my stupid self.”

62. “Caring too much.”

63. “My past.”

64. “Being hyper.”

65. “Not working 24×7 to achieve my dreams.”

66. “For not valuing myself.”

67. “Loving too much.”

68. “For giving someone so many chances.”

69. “Giving up on my dreams.”

70. “Eating!!!”

71. “Dating my ex.”

72. “Having a soft heart.”

73. “For failing.”

74. “I’m trying to forgive myself for being a constant fuck-up.”

75. “Being a cunt.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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