41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

26. Winston, my imaginary cat.

“My coworkers think I have a cat. I’ve named him Winston.

I’ve pleasantly avoided many after-work happy hours and other work events with ‘I have to get home and feed the cat.’

I even have a photo of some random cat on my phone in case anyone inquires further.

I don’t have a cat, of course. But I do chuckle to myself at the thought of Winston, My Imaginary Cat.”


27. Whistling Christmas songs in June.

“I whistle Christmas songs in months other than December. Just the first few lines once or twice an hour. Give it a few hours and they’re questioning why ‘Jingle Bells’ is stuck in their head mid-June.”


28. Gradually changing the sensitivity settings on their computer mouse.

“Gradually change the sensitivity settings on their computer mouse and leave leaflets about Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease lying around in the break room.”



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