41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

23. Crush on the desktop.

“There was this girl sitting next to me in an open plan office and we were always joking with each other. One day, she had a meeting scheduled at her desk with a male coworker I knew she had a crush on. So while she was in the bathroom getting ready, I went on her PC, found the guy’s photo on the company website and made it her desktop background. Then I tabbed back to whatever program she had been using so she wouldn’t notice right away. She comes back. Guy arrives for the meeting. They’re talking away for about ten minutes before she goes to check something on the computer and just let an enormous shriek out of her and goes bright red when she sees the desktop.

In a way, that prank almost worked too well. Because her shock was so obviously genuine, it was obvious she was the victim of a prank (rather than a crazy stalker, which is what I was aiming for.)”


24. Staring at a spot slightly above their eye.

“I just keep handing them random items. 99% of the time they’ll keep accepting.

Or I’ll stare at a spot slightly above their eye, like they have a booger on their face or something.

Or I’ll slowly back up as we talk, see how far I can get them to follow me before they catch on.”


25. Setting a screen shot as their wallpaper.

“I screen shot their desktops, put all their shortcuts in one folder, then set that screen shot as their wallpaper. I find it amusing listening to their call to IT.

I’ve also been known to change the Windows start sound to a Chewbacca yell and crank their speakers all the way up.”



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