41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

20. Scotch tape on the mouse.

“Put a strip of Scotch tape on the underside of their computer mouse.

It’s transparent enough that the mouse will still function, it will just kind of suck and annoy them slightly for the rest of the day. They likely won’t even notice, just be subconsciously frustrated.

Add an additional strip each day until they notice.”


21. Adding a ridiculous title every time they type their name.

“Change their autocorrect settings in Outlook so when they type their name it adds a ridiculous title.


Tom Smith = His eloquence, master of ceremonial duck herding, and debater of microwave etiquette, Thomas ‘The Velvet Hammer’ Smith, Esq.”


22. Adding 1,000 paper sheets to my HR director’s messy desk.

“Our old HR director was notorious for having a messy desk. My manager and I made it our mission to add an additional 1,000 random sheets of paper to his desk over the course of a few weeks without him noticing. Every morning he’d come in and 10-15 more sheets would be added to the mess. It took a long time for him to suspect something was up.”



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