41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

17. The falling pen cup.

“I used to mess with a former coworker that was always rude to me. She had an earlier shift than I did, so after she would leave for the evening I would go to her desk and rearrange her pen cup so that the moment a pen was taken out the whole thing would fall over. I did this every night for about two weeks or so before she gave up and stopped using the pen cup but not before she threw the whole thing across her work area in a fit of rage.”


18. Changing times on the microwaves.

“We have two microwaves in the break room that somebody needs the time to be the same on. I used to change the time on one by twenty minutes and wait for them to fix it. Now I change it by one minute every day until they fix it and I start over.”


19. Mystery Post-It notes.

“I have a few coworkers (myself included) that run on Post-It notes. Seriously, some of our desks look like that Pepe Silva scene in Always Sunny.


That said, I take advantage of this. I do fairly well at copying other’s handwriting. I’ll do my best facsimile of something innocuous or mildly ominous and place it among their other post-its.

My notable favorites were: ‘Ask Linda about the bees.’ and ‘Knife Parade?’”



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