41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

14. I plant evil questions in their lectures and tutorials.

“I plant evil questions in their lectures and tutorials, seeding them to students we have in common.

I’ve been doing it for years, and they have no idea it’s happening. They’re just constantly baffled that the same kids each year keep asking obscure, graduate-level, often borderline unanswerable questions in person, but never quite manage that level of insight in their writing.”


15. I use my boss as my personal Google.

“The former big boss of my oil plant works in the office with me. I noticed anytime I would mention an interesting story he would immediately fact check it and point out how wrong I was. So, If I wanted to know something , rather than look it up myself, I would just throw out a claim. Me- xyz stock is $4.40 today Him- NO ITS NOT—its $2.17

Me—Thank you

Me- Chicago is an 8-hour drive from here. Him- NO IT’S NOT—it’s 12 if you do Route A, and 10.5 if you go Route B etc.”


16. Ghost in the mouse.

“Once I plugged in a wireless mouse into their computer without them knowing. And a few times a day I would just jiggle the mouse. Just enough to hear them slamming down the mouse and muttering under their breath and I’d stop. This went on for several days. Sometimes I’d stop by to chat, and I would bring the mouse. When they we go to click on something I would just move the mouse just slightly so they couldn’t actually hover over what they wanted to click. It was brilliant!”



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