41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

8. Incorrectly correcting their pronunciation.

“I like to incorrectly correct people’s pronunciation. Like they’ll say beignet ‘ben-yay’ and I’ll say, ‘actually, it’s bang-yet.’

Most of the time it’s obvious I’m just messing with them or they already know the shtick and they laugh it off. But every so often I’ll actually convince someone they’re wrong. And it’s glorious. It’s a pretty low success rate but when you hear someone use the wrong pronunciation in a conversation months later and you know you did that, it makes it all worth it.”


9. Adjusting the keyboard rest.

“Whenever my coworker isn’t at his desk, I’ll put back one—but only one—of the keyboard rests. So next time he goes to type, his keyboard will be off balance!

Also, sometimes I mess with his adjustable chair arm rests.”


10. Ghost in the disc drive.

“Found a little script a while back that would randomly open and close the disc drive on my coworker’s computer. Not incredibly often, but enough to the point where it was annoying. He requested a new computer, I reinstalled the .scr as soon as he left that day.”



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