41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

4. ‘For rectal use only’ stickers.

“Grabbed a roll of stickers from the pharmacy that say ‘For rectal use only’ and randomly attach them to pens, phones, staplers, the water cooler.

It’s all good till our director comes in and loses his shit and can’t help but laugh.”


5. Abusing the ‘reply all’ feature.

“Reply all to say ‘tank you,’ then reply all again to your previous reply all to say ‘*thank’

If anybody complains about using reply all, reply all to apologize for using reply all.”


6. Pretending I can’t read.

“I may or may not have convinced several people including our secretary that I lack the ability to read. When asked how I’ve gotten this far (5 years of undergrad and halfway through a master’s program), I confidently state that I memorize the shapes and fake it.”


7. Misspelling their name in emails.

“Misspell their name in emails.

Place dead batteries in their keyboard/mouse. Do this every day for a week.

One coworker is 10 years younger than I am, I use out of date pop culture references and exclamations, then follow them up by saying, ‘That is what the kids say nowadays, right?’ Example: ‘Well, that’s just the bee’s knees!’ turns to coworker… ‘That is what the kids say nowadays, right?’”



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