41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

36. Framing a pen thief.

“In my first job out of college I worked at a small tech company. One of the bosses was a very sweet woman. She had borrowed pens a few times and forgot to give them back. At one point one of my coworkers accused her of intentionally hording pens because they knew she would be embarrassed.

Thus began the gaslighting.

I began to steal every pen in office over the course of a month (100+ pens). I targeted the specific people who had made the original joke to make sure that there was good visibility to the prank. I made sure that the nicer pens that people associate as ‘theirs’ were always specifically found in her desk. She would always deny it only to find them right there.

Christmas rolls around and we have the company Christmas party. I package up the pens for the white elephant gift exchange making sure to place my present in the exchange pile without having anyone see who placed it there. When it’s opened, the room explodes with laughter and accusations.”


37. Cenafy.

“I add the Chrome extension ‘cenafy’ to other people computer and turn their speakers up. When they’re browsing the internet…. AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA. John Cena randomly pops up covering the whole screen playing his theme song and playing a 15 second clip of him. You can’t exit out of it till it’s over too.”


38. The phantom beep.

“Many years ago, I had collected money from the staff for a holiday party and left it on my desk. I went to the bathroom and came back to find the money missing. I was freaking out about the missing money searching with my boss who was disappointed I left it unattended. I was seconds away from accusing these guys working on the lights in the office when my phone rang with a devious laugh on the other end saying ;missing something?’ It was a coworker from upstairs, she thought it was hilarious, I knew the gauntlet had been thrown. I went online and bought something called the Annoyotron. It was a magnetic little device that I stuck under her desk that would make beeps intermittently every 10 to 15 minutes I think (it had various settings). For the next month, I would find reasons to go by her desk and say ‘did you just hear a beep?’ She would go wide eyes and say ‘OMG yes! I can’t figure it out! It’s driving me crazy.’ Sometimes I would go by and they would have a maintenance guy checking the fire alarm and I would just keep egging her on ‘I swear I just heard a beep.’ So after a month of this torture we were at the annual holiday party and I was seated with her and had knocked a couple back. I spilled the beans and apologized to the person she shared a cubicle with as she was ‘collateral damage.’ She never fucked with me again.”



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