41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

32. Adding kids’ tracks to their Spotify account.

“They sometimes leave their personal Spotify accounts on the shared computer that we all use, so in the past, I’ve added things like Barney the Dinosaur and TeleTubby tracks into their libraries.”


33. My dog is better than your kid.

“Every time this one girl mentions something her kids did, I mention something my dog did.”


34. Unplugging their mouse.

“For a while my favorite thing was to unplug their mouse & put a sticky under the mouse sensor.

Was great when people plugged it back it and it still didn’t work…”


35. The poltergeist prank.

“My department is pretty small, so when we fuck with someone, everyone is involved.

We have a tradition to set up elaborate pranks for one of us returns from vacation, with the crown jewel being an office poltergeist we staged.

We threw in a bait-and-switch and adorably made the desk a beach scene, complete with a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in scuba gear, a kiddie pool with sand, and a crafty palm tree. About a few hours into her shift, shit got real.

See, the rest of her desk was seemingly normal. However, behind the scenes, there was fishing wire connected to different objects on her desk, with the other ends spread across the rest of our desks attached to pens, activating an ‘event’ with a tug of a pen. There was an instant messaging group where we planned on real time behind the scenes.

For the next few hours, in intervals of about 20 minutes, things on her desk started to move. A rose we had bought for her flew at her, a tack holding up a corner of a calendar loosened, her mouse moved, drawers opened, etc.

This started subtle, and got more and more ridiculous as the day played out. The end of the poltergeist, however, is when we suckered someone in Accounting to remove a panel in the corner of her cubicle and roll a ball through the cracks with a picture of the victim’s face taped to the ball.

We have yet to top this one.”



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