41 Hilarious Ways To Mess With Your Coworkers’ Heads

29. Messing with the bathroom code.

“So our men’s bathroom had a code to get in 123. For months whenever I entered or left the bathroom I would enter in a number in the keypad. If anyone went in after me, the code wouldn’t work the first time.

They actually had to remove the code after about a year.”


30. Gradually moving the desk divider.

“I sit beside a guy who is a good friend of mine and our desks are separated by a moveable divider. Since I moved beside him two weeks ago I’ve been moving the divider a centimeter towards him each day. We’re at 13cm and he hasn’t noticed yet.

I have to shift his monitors soon though so that will be interesting.”


31. Manila envelope full of glitter.

“I sent a coworker I loathed a manila envelope full of glitter. She promptly tore it open.

That was two years ago, and she still finds glitter everywhere. Our li’l office fairy.”



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