40 Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch For (As Told By 40 Women Who Didn’t)

27. If they are a total narcissist — run

Gave away a bottle of wine that came in a hamper that was given to me when I bought my first car, without asking me. He thought it was fine since I don’t drink wine. We argued for hours because he didn’t understand that I wanted it for sentimental reasons.

Claimed to want to spend Christmas Day with me but wouldn’t drive the 45-minute journey between our homes to pick me up (I didn’t have a car at this point), because he didn’t want to spend 1.5 hours of his Christmas driving. Maybe this is just me, by I would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

He would get really mad and hit things. Never me, but he’d hit walls or car doors, etc. I tried to talk to him (repeatedly) about how his temper scared me, but he always dismissed it and said that his temper was normal, and that I was just scared of it because I come from a particularly mild-tempered background. In other words, I was the abnormally timid one and that I needed to get used to more aggression.

I was a law student at the time, and he would repeatedly tell me about how he hated lawyers and that they were evil. Not a big deal, but not nice.

There were other things too. In retrospect, there was so much gaslighting. I definitely didn’t see it at the time…

— BubbleAndSqueakk


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