40 Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch For (As Told By 40 Women Who Didn’t)

22. When he’s clearly used to getting his way

When he compliments your looks (I.e. You’re beautiful) and is really taken aback when you just say thank you. He then precedes to tell you most women say they’re not. The lesson between the lines he expected such low self-confidence from me and wanted me to be dependent on him for my confidence.

You have to repeatedly tell him to take you home after a date and doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Huge red flag: this is the guy won’t stop sexually when you want him to.

He tries to physically keep you in his arms while forcing you to kiss him.

This ass then asked me if I’d see him again. When I said no he pretentiously said “you know you love me.” This was on the second date. I laughed as I got out of his car. NO WAY IN HELL would I ever go on a date with him again.

— leahandra


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