40 Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch For (As Told By 40 Women Who Didn’t)

19. Sharing nudes with other people

I sent a guy some dirty pictures of my v and my tits. We were in a LDR and I was craving any kind of outlet.

The next day he was like “Hey, you know how insecure you are? I showed my friends your pics and they were all like ‘god damn, you definitely traded up from your ex'”. I said “Yeah I’m not insecure, also what the heck are you doing showing those off. That’s super disrespectful.” His response was some weird backpedaled excuse that he just made up the conversation. My rose colored glasses did me no favors.

One month later (literally 3 months into dating him, approx. 2mos since the above incident), he’s staying with me for a week at my apartment. I’m not sure when it happened, but he decided to take some post-coital pictures of me while I was sleeping. A month later, mid skype conversation, he’s like “Hey you never send me pictures anymore. It’s a good thing I have this” and he holds his phone up to show me this pic he’d taken of me while I slept.

It took a full week to sink in. It took me another month to break it off. God there was so much wrong with that relationship. This was just the straw that broke the camels back.

— JimtheRunner


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