40 Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch For (As Told By 40 Women Who Didn’t)

16. Hates all their exes with an irrational passion

He hated all his exes with a passion, and wasn’t afraid to share that. He had almost no friends. He also clearly had a history of dicking around until the girl he was no longer interested in broke up so he didn’t have to be the bad guy… All things considered it was a fine relationship, and it didn’t end terribly. But I should have seen those things for the giant red flags they were, and I have doubt that no matter how many times at the end he told me he appreciated our time together and wished me well, he probably told the next one I was insane…

Some guys just believe you can only flatter a woman by insulting all other women. Never again… And because he only dated friends of friend, well… That might also have played into why he had so few after he kept insulting his exes.

— Girlwithasling


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