33 Unsolved Missing-Persons Cases That Will Make You Scared To Ever Leave Your House Again


Jennifer Kesse is an interesting one, and for me it’s local; they found her car a couple blocks from where I live now. Basically, in 2006 Jennifer Kesse was last seen leaving work one evening. She talked to her boyfriend on the phone that night around 10. Then, the next morning, after she failed to show up to work, it was discovered that she was apparently abducted either from her apartment or its parking lot shortly before work. They found her car in a nearby parking lot later, but no sign of Jennifer. There wasn’t much to go on until a security camera caught somebody dropping off her car, and the footage of this person of interest is what makes the case the most chilling. He/she has been called ‘the luckiest person of interest in history.’ They were caught on camera walking past a gate, and despite the camera being pretty close, the camera only took one picture every 3 seconds and his/her face is perfectly obscured in every shot. Even though it’s so close, police still say they can’t confidently say if the suspect is male or female. There are still flyers up around here for her, and I think of her often. I hope someday it can be solved.”



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