20 Different 911 Operators Describe The Most Blood Chilling Phone Call They Have Ever Heard

These stories from Ask Reddit will shatter your heart.
A 911 operator
Unsplash / Osman Rana

1. He shot himself along with his six kids

“My sister is a 911 dispatcher. She went on leave after this.

A man called in saying he had shot his daughter and her six kids. Age infant to 11. He said that when police arrived, he would kill himself. Dispatch arrived and he killed himself in-front of them.

Police found the daughter out back. They think she was leading him away from the house and kids. Kids were throughout the house. They had tried to hide. The 11 year old was with the baby.

No one knows why, and it was a small town. It hit everyone in the community pretty hard.” — sweetlemon12


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