25 Stories From Real People Who Personally Knew A Coldblooded Killer

These people from Ask Reddit actually knew a murderer before they got caught — but only some of them saw warning signs.
A real person
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1. My cousin shot two people and dumped them in my grandmother’s woods

“My cousin shot and killed two people over his friend’s drug debt. Cousin is in prison and probably will never be released. He’s got the possibility of parole after 25 years but I doubt he’ll get it, even though he behaves himself in prison.

Cousin, his then-fiancee, the friend, friend’s roommate, and roommate’s girlfriend are all incarcerated for various lengths of time for their roles in the dumbest murder plot in the world.

My sister told me. She texted, several days after it happened, and says, “Did you hear what [Cousin] did?”

I’m expecting her to say that Cousin eloped, or got in a car accident, got popped for smoking weed while driving, literally anything else, but no.

‘He shot two people and dumped their bodies in [Grandma]’s woods.’

WHAT. I called her, she gave me the rundown. I was just shocked. We all were. I knew Cousin was a spoiled shit with an idiot mother who protected him from most consequences and made excuses for his behavior. I knew he enjoyed recreational substances (as do I). I knew he thought the world revolved around him.

But not this. I never expected this. Obviously every murderer has some family somewhere. But actually being a murderer’s relative is just surreal. It’s been a few years and I’m still not used to it.” — ThumpersOlLady

2. During my time in jail, I met a man who murdered his parents

“I was in jail with a guy and I met him when we were being sent to court and he told me all kinds of details of what he was being accused of. He had killed his parents and stabbed his dad in the chest but that wasn’t killing him quick enough so he started stabbing his leg. Then after he killed him, he ripped out an eyeball, and was playing with it while on the phone with a friend, telling him how it felt squishy. Of course he denied this and was telling me in perspective of a witness that had testified against him that morning.

He was an odd man, I believe he did it. It felt really weird sitting next him after hearing this, felt very morbid and spooky.” — -tRabbit

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