22 Fisherman And Sea Captains Reveal The Creepiest Thing That Happened On The Water

These stories from Ask Reddit will convince you to stay far, far away from the water.
A boat at sea
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1. Female spirits appeared in the middle of the sea

“I asked an old fisherman in a beach in Malaysia the same thing you’re asking here. He said there are female spirits in the sea, who are basically neutral towards humans, but you shouldn’t be messing with them anyway.

One day, a boat sank, and divers were sent to recover bodies. Two of them were searching the sea bed. Suddenly one guy feels a tug on his arm – and it’s his buddy frantically pointing at the bed.

There, a beautifully-dressed Malay woman was knelt, holding a corpse like an offering to the divers. Both divers fled for their lives, and gave up the search. Apparently the woman was one of those spirits.” — ImmortanJoe

2. I heard a female voice say my name in the middle of an empty ocean

“This is probably the only borderline ‘paranormal’ thing I’ve ever experienced. Night fishing with my wife and a female friend on a local river and watching a meteor shower, just chilling, drinking, fishing. I decide I want to check out a spot further downriver so I leave them behind and head off into the woods. I’m about 100 yards or so down the path, all alone, just me and the crickets, when I hear a female voice say my name. Loudly, plain as day, like someone was standing a few feet behind me and was trying to get my attention. I turn around naturally thinking one of the girls followed me into the woods, but nope, no one there. I am not really a huge believer in the supernatural or anything but this absolutely freaked me the hell out. So I just immediately head back, and sure enough, they’re still hanging out on the river bank watching the meteor shower. There is absolutely no way I could have heard them that clearly from that far away. I told them what happened and they still to this day think I was just fucking with them and trying to scare them. But I’m telling you, I still get the willies thinking about it and in fact have never been back to that spot since.” — MrMcSwifty 


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