20 Different 911 Operators Describe The Most Blood Chilling Phone Call They Have Ever Heard

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These stories from Ask Reddit will shatter your heart.
A 911 operator
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1. He shot himself along with his six kids

“My sister is a 911 dispatcher. She went on leave after this.

A man called in saying he had shot his daughter and her six kids. Age infant to 11. He said that when police arrived, he would kill himself. Dispatch arrived and he killed himself in-front of them.

Police found the daughter out back. They think she was leading him away from the house and kids. Kids were throughout the house. They had tried to hide. The 11 year old was with the baby.

No one knows why, and it was a small town. It hit everyone in the community pretty hard.” — sweetlemon12

2. A little boy burned to death during a house fire

“My Sister is a 911 Operator, she would call my parents whenever she was upset after a call/day at work. One of the worst ones she told us about was an 8yr old boy calling from his bedroom because the kitchen and hallway were on fire outside his room, she notified Fire Department, but knowing the location was rural and it would take them 10+minutes to get there she began to try and give instructions on what he needed to do to get out. Starting with finding an object to break the window so he could climb out. But between having to calm him down, get the information, keep him calm, and get him to listen to her instructions he ended up burning to death on the phone with her, a couple minutes before help showed up.

From that day on I realized how difficult and strenuous this job actually is and that I would never be able to do it!” — AustynCunningham

3. A woman had been kidnapped, attacked, and abandoned in the forest 

“Former 999 operator in the UK.

A call came through from a young woman that had been grabbed off the street, driven to a remote location, beaten, and repeatedly raped by a gang of men. In the middle of November, they had left her nearly naked in a forest. She didn’t know where she had been left and had called using her mobile phone.

For the better part of an hour, I sat talking with this girl as some of my colleagues tried to locate where she was. The problem was that only two cell towers were picking her up, so it was really hard to triangulate where she might be. When a third tower picked up her call, we were able to identify where she was and direct the police to her.

The whole time, I talked with her and tried to keep her calm. Hearing the terror in her voice anytime she thought that they might be coming back for her or that her battery was going to die was heart breaking. There where moments when she stopped talking to me and I could hear her whimpering or saying ‘please’ over and over again. Finally, the police reached her and called out the word that she had given me. After a short chat with the police, I terminated the call, logged it, and signed out of the system. I never signed in again.

They never found the men that did this. I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for them.” — Tobanis1978

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