Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying

23. “Are you going to bury me today?”

“Not a medical professional, but my dad was dying at home and had been pretty out of it for a few days. The few times he was conscious, he would talk about all the people in his room and that they were climbing the walls, staring at him from under the bed, generally crazy shit. The last thing he said before the end was to my sister: ‘Are you going to bury me today?’ Totally fucked all of us up. He died the next day.”


24. “I have faced death many times before.”

“The guy was gobbling down his breakfast and was refusing to have his blood glucose checked. And we knew that he would need insulin because of his history. I expressed my concern and he told me, ‘I have faced death many times before.’ He’s nearly blind, missing a few digits, you get the picture.

I came back 30 minute later to check on him. He was unconscious and turning nearly blue. We coded him and recovered him to the ICU basically brain-dead. They pulled the plug on him a week later. Turned out he had choked on a piece of egg from the breakfast he was eating.”


25. “The Devil has been in my room all night, but don’t worry, God is with you.”

“‘The Devil has been in my room all night, but don’t worry, God is with you.’ This man had like the worst death ever, too. He had a horrendous seizure and died with his eyes wide open and had a horrible grimace on his face. He had also been yelling all night about the ‘Devil’ and saying over and over, ‘Get out of here! This building’s gonna blow!’”



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