Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying

7. “He’s in all black, and he’s got a top hat on. And his eyes are red.”

“A nice old lady who told my CNA she wanted to wear all white. When asked why, she said ‘the man in black is here.’ She looked in the corner of the room. The CNA looked, but there was no one there. That’s when I came into the room. We asked her to describe what she was seeing and she said ‘he’s in all black, and he’s got a top hat on.’ Then she whispered, ‘and his eyes are red’ while her eyes moved across the room to directly behind the CNA, like she was watching him move closer to us. She died later that night. But it was unexpected. That room creeped me out for a long time after that.”


8. “The spiders are eating papa.”

“I was in the army in Pakistan to for humanitarian support after an earthquake. There was a very serious school bus crash when a road gave was and a dozen kids were killed.

The first kid that we took off the ‘ambulance’ and put on the stretcher to carry into our triage tent said (more like screamed) something in Urdu. When we got there the doc asked the translators what he said, it was ‘the spiders are eating papa.’

We all just looked at each other for a second, then just proceeded with triage.”


9. “Why is this happening to me?”

“I work in a cardiac ICU. We had a patient who had a pulmonary artery rupture (a rare, but known complication of a Swan-Ganz catheter). One minute he was joking around with us and the next bright red blood was spewing out of his mouth. His last words before he died were ‘Why is this happening to me?’ It still haunts me years later.”



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