33 Unsolved Missing-Persons Cases That Will Make You Scared To Ever Leave Your House Again


“I’m personally perplexed by the disappearance of a Japanese woman named Mayumi Arashi.

The 27-year-old left her house stating that she was going to meet a certain classmate of hers and never returned. Her older sister, Yoko, later checked with this classmate, who stated that such a meeting was never promised, and thus never happened. Her whole family started searching for her, but to no avail. There was an investigation which pinned a guy called ‘A’ as the prime suspect.

This was due to another note that Mayumi left, stating how she had ‘been betrayed’ and was ‘sorry.’ In addition, Yoko stated that she had received a call from ‘A,’ who claimed to have met Mayumi that afternoon she disappeared, and ‘wanted to be in jail if Mayumi ever turns up dead.’

The day after Mayumi’s disappearance, police tailed ‘A’ and found him entering a mountain or… a foresty place or something carrying two cans of juice. The police then lost track of him.

Now, it would seem like Mayumi’s family, especially her sister Yoko, were extremely cooperative in helping the police, and that ‘A’ was the prime suspect. This case blew up over the internet after an interview with the father. A news station went to interview the family over this case, and upon interviewing the father, many internet users spotted a mysterious note posted on a wall behind him that the news crew failed to catch.

The note, in Mayumi’s handwriting, said: ‘Don’t trust what Yoko says.’”



Lauren Spierer.

A 20-year-old affluent, Jewish, East Coast college girl going to school in Indiana is out with her friends drinking and partying and never comes home. Her boyfriend reports her missing the next morning. The last guys she was known to be with all clammed up and lawyered up almost immediately. Her boyfriend (also an affluent East Coaster) packs up and moves home shortly after her disappearance. Several theories have arisen and been investigated but none have shown strong enough links to proceed. Local rumor is that she OD’ed and the people with her freaked out and drove south and dropped her body in the Ohio River.

20/20 did a follow-up recently that covers it pretty well.



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