25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

18. I made a completely random guess that turned out to be true

“I was waiting tables about twelve years ago, and my coworker forgot to put in a food order for a 3 top table. He also forgot what the order was. I was laughing at him stressing out trying to figure it out, and I said it was probably fried mozzarella, a cheeseburger with no onions, and chicken fingers. I was completely joking, and that was their exact order. It freaked me out. I made him let me run the food to the table to make sure he wasn’t fucking with me.” — jonesy0412

19. I felt like I was trapped inside of a video game

“As often as every couple days I’ll vividly remember being exactly where I am as it is, but at a different time, like repeating a cutscene in a video game. It’s frequent enough I’ve repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of my existence.” — The-Kitchen-Sink

20. I had premonitions in the form of random dreams

“I had a dream about a hamster running on a wheel, when I woke up my roommate said someone threw a hamster down the trash shoot. I also had a dream about a white rat, and the next day my friend texts me that his white pet rat had died.” — hapa19

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