25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

16. He had a vivid hallucination of a car crash that could have happened

“Here’s one from my brother. I don’t think our mom believed him, but I certainly do. He seemed spooked when he got home.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, driving home alongside my mom. A bright green car swerved and hit them, knocking bits and pieces of glass into his arm.

He jolted awake afterwards, just in time to see the green car pass them. He claimed he felt the marks the glass left afterwards too.” — FireflyEffect

17. I watched a man teleport in broad daylight

“I have to preface this with some backstory about a man named Zeus. Now Zeus has a reputation around Knoxville, TN as a bit of an eccentric character. My brother has told me stories about him making people pass out just by whispering in their ear, giving people glass pendants and saying ‘this is the color of your soul,’ just generally unusual stuff. He was thought of as a magic-man of sorts. Well long-story short, my brother and I were walking through the West Town Mall when we saw him. Now let me tell you, this guy is incredibly recognizable. I’m talking 6’5 African dude with a gray goatee, nose piercings, and at least four rings per finger. He always carried a staff and wore a floor-length black duster jacket with huge-ass buckles on the front. This was Zeus. We saw him walking just a bit ahead of us and then turn towards an exit. Naturally, we lost sight of him for probably 60 seconds after he turned the corner and left the mall. The weird thing was after my brother and I passed that same exit, and not more than about 30 seconds later, we were coming upon another exit/entrance on the other side of the mall when all of the sudden out pops, you guessed it, good ole Zeus the magic-man. Now this is a big place, it takes 5 minutes to walk the length of it. There is absolutely no way he could have made it to the opposite side of this place in the time he did. Even if he was sprinting or was somehow able to go up and over building; 60 seconds is just not enough time. This man teleported. There’s just no other way to slice it.” — madtraxmerno

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