25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

14. My sister swore she had a conversation with me that never occurred in our reality

“Every once in awhile I have dreams about places or people I’ve never seen then about 6-7 months later I’m in the place or with the people and have de ja Vu. I also sing random songs even when something else is playing on the radio then the next song that plays is what I was singing. I’ve done this on mine, my best friends and my girlfriends iPods on shuffle many many times and it freaks them the fuck out every time.

One SUPER weird thing though happened in about 2012ish. I was 19 and living at home with my parents and younger sister still. I came home from work from my job at a BBQ place and my sister says to me, ‘Oh I thought you said you were off today?’ I’m confused because I left at 5 am before anyone was awake and I ask her, ‘When did I say that?’ She says to me, ‘Like 2 hours ago in your room.’ She thinks I’m screwing with her so I tell her to smell me cause you can smell the BBQ sauce and smoke on me. Then she gets really creeped out and tells me she had went into my room earlier and seen me in bed with covers up to my neck and had a 15 minute conversation with me. That shit REALLY creeped me out and I never felt comfortable in that room ever again.” – – PostyMcPostertun

15. My cup jumped from place to place without any reasonable explanation

“When I was about 9, I was eating dinner in my room for some reason. I was sat at my dresser that had a big mirror, and my dad came in to check on me. He asked me if I wanted some more tea, to which I said yes and handed him my cup. I watched him walk out and close the door, looked over to see my cup, full of tea, right from where I picked it up. I asked my dad about it, he said he never came in my room.” — Ginger-With-A-Soul

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