25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

11. I knew the words about to be said before they left anyone’s lips

“To this day I can not explain what happened. Was watching tv with friends and we landed on some old 80s movie I used to watch over and over but hadn’t seen in a long time. I had the dialogue memorized and it all instantly came back and I knew what was going to be said next.

Here’s the freaky part we changed channels and kept trying to find something to watch. I noticed that everything we watched was the same—I knew every line of dialogue as if I was remembering it from having memorized it. These were all things I had never watched before!

Here’s the real freaky part—it started happening even when my friends were talking. An instant before they said anything, I knew word for word what they were saying. The effect only last an hour or so but it was bizarre!!” — JMCrown

12. The lights flickered whenever I walked inside of a room

“Sometimes I swear that lights flicker in whatever room I’m in. It’s like someone turned all the present lights off simultaneously. I even ask those around me if they saw the lights ‘turn off.’ I don’t recall blinking any time this has happened either. I wonder if I have mini nanosecond blackouts…” — UncleMajic

13. I had inside knowledge on strangers that I had never met before

“Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone I’ve never met, and very specific facts about them will pop into my consciousness out of nowhere like ‘this person had a golden retriever that died in 2009.’ Then they’ll inevitably bring up the fact that I mentioned without me saying anything first. Sometimes seconds later, sometimes years.” — cosmicmomma

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