25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

3. Her cellphone teleported from one place to another

“My friend and I were talking to our room mate and her girlfriend one night. Room mate had just received her new phone and was sitting in bed using it while the four of us chatted.
So, room mate had sat her phone down while we were all chatting. She goes to pick it back up and it’s gone! Like, she had just sat it down for a few minutes tops before she noticed that the thing has poofed. I call it for her and we can’t hear it. We take the comforter and sheets off the bed and shake them all out. We look under the bed, behind it, EVERYWHERE we can. That phone is GONE. Even though we hadn’t left her room at all during our conversation when the phone disappeared, we tore apart the whole apartment trying to find it.
Finally, we decide to try her car.
It was in the locked trunk.
We lived on the third floor and were all in the same room watching her use it before it teleported.” — trustthapo

4. I saw (and heard) a disembodied hand smacking my nightstand

“I was putting makeup on and from the corner of my eye I saw what looked like the shadow of a hand slap down onto my nightstand. Would’ve dismissed it as my brain playing tricks on me or something, but I heard it too, and it sounded like a really loud smack.

Was weird but I’ve experienced so many small unusual incidents like this (things randomly falling, or shaking) so I guess I’ve become apathetic to it. That was the first time I ever actually heard the thing too though.” — iyvnx

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