22 People On The Horrible Gut Feeling They Couldn’t Shake (That Turned Out To Be Right)

These stories from Ask Reddit will remind you to follow your gut.

22. A car nearly killed me on my motorcycle

“It was 130am, raining, I was riding my motorcycle down a 4 lane road(2 lanes each direction with a middle turn lane). I saw a car approach a stop sign, perpendicular to me, in the parking lot of a bar and though to myself “he’s going to turn left in front of me”. I was going 45mph, let off the throttle and about 200-250ft from him, he did exactly what I thought he was going to do. Grabbed my front and rear brakes, back tire locked up and kicked out to the left. I had maybe 40-50 feet in which I would either high-side in front of the car and likely be ran over, slam into the driver door or rear driver door or jump off to the right in a tuck and roll fashion. I jumped and my motorcycle slammed into the rear driver side of his car. I had a couple scratches, bruises and a sore tailbone. But I wasn’t ran over or hanging out in his back seat via glass window.

Thank God for spidey senses.” — ReallyNotRoot Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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