22 People On The Horrible Gut Feeling They Couldn’t Shake (That Turned Out To Be Right)

These stories from Ask Reddit will remind you to follow your gut.

8. They found a dead body near our campsite

“Not mine but my grandma’s.

We went camping at this one spot in the woods by a small creek every summer. One summer she gets this bad feeling and make a us pack up and we leave. Couple days later they end up finding a dead body right near our then campsite.” — ihatemakingthese69

9. A college kid was stabbed during a party

“I was at a party when I was in college when two older dudes showed up. The place was packed and most people were drunk. I noticed something was a off about them. They never smiled and weren’t really talking to anyone. Finally someone accused them of feeling around in their back pocket and it turned out they were lifting wallets from drunk college kids. Once confronted, one of the guys stabbed the kid in the stomach with a smallish knife. They left slowly and were never caught. It was pretty surreal. The kid who got stabbed turned out fine.” — Z_witha_ZED

10. I could have potentially stopped someone who committed suicide

“2 years ago, I was on my way back home on my bike. I had to go over a bridge and on one side of the bridge, there was a girl, crying. On the bridge, two 14 year olds (one pretty tall, one pretty small), head to head, seemingly about to get into a fight. When I went by, they stood back. I thoutht something was off, but I told myself fighting among 14 year olds over what I thought was a girlfriend, is normal and not dangerous, right?

Turns out, the taller one of the boys jumped off the bridge to commit suicide only minutes after I passed, the smaller one couldn’t physically hold him back.

Had I stopped, listened to my gut feeling, I might have been able to help and talk him out of it.” — KIMD0TC0M

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