22 People On The Horrible Gut Feeling They Couldn’t Shake (That Turned Out To Be Right)

These stories from Ask Reddit will remind you to follow your gut.

3. My uncle murdered my aunt and cousin

“A guy came to the door one day, looking for my mom. I was probably 13 at the time. Immediately, I had most of my body behind the door, ready to shut it. I just had this awful feeling about him. He said he hadn’t seen her in a long time, and that he was just coming from church and was in the neighborhood. Ok, so this guy is trying to communicate that he’s a good person, and that and his weird smile just made me trust him less. I told him my mom was napping. She wasn’t. She was at work. So, he left a note for her with his name and number on it. I took it and closed and locked the door. Then I looked at the note and immediately recognized the name. It was my uncle. I hadn’t seen him since I was 5, when he went to jail for murdering my aunt and cousin.” — phridoo

4. We survived the bombings in London

“My mum was supposed to take me and my sister to the Natural History Museum in 2005 since we lived just outside London and it was only a short tube ride.

However on the day she had a horrible feeling so we stayed home and watched movies instead. That was the day of the 7/7 bombings.” — QueenGeraldina

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