This Is Why You’re Still Alone, Based On Your Birth Month

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Alexander Ramsey


When you’re actually in a relationship, you’re a very romantic and loving partner – it’s the falling in love part that you struggle with. You don’t know how to strike a healthy balance between your professional life and your personal life. And in addition to this, you also have a hard time opening up emotionally. So your issues with making space in your life for dating and love, combined with your hesitation to open up emotionally, makes it pretty understandable why you’re alone.


You don’t have any problems making friends, but you do experience challenges when it comes to calming down, focusing, and staying still long enough to focus on one person. You are always go-go-go, jumping from one thing in your life to the next. In a lot of ways, this is great for your life – it’s great for your career, for your dreams, for your passions and hobbies. But you don’t know how to reign in that aspect of your personality when it comes to dating – so instead of letting yourself slow down and fall for someone you really like, you just keep going from one person to the next, subconsciously afraid of ever letting anyone get close to you.


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