This Is Why You Didn’t Fall In Love In 2017, Based On Your Birth Month


Because you were searching for reasons for your relationships not to work out. 

You have a hard time not being critical of others – especially when you’re in a vulnerable place, such as a relationship where you’re not yet sure how you feel or what you want. Sometimes out of insecurity, and sometimes out of fear, you ended up criticizing the person you were dating or criticizing your relationship – searching for flaws and for reasons why it would ultimately fail, as if you were trying to get ahead of possible disappointment. Until you start letting yourself actually try to fall in love, regardless of the risk of heartbreak, you’re going to remain single.


Because you let other people have way too much say in your love life. 

You’re great at making friends and showing affection, but you’re not so great at making sure that you don’t let other people have too much say in your life and your choices. You’re so close with your loved ones that when they give you advice or share an opinion about a choice you’re making (or a person you’re dating), you’re not able to look at it just as something to consider – instead, you convince yourself that you must now feel this way too. That other people’s opinions are always the right opinions, even if you disagree. In 2018, when it comes to your dating life (and even other aspects of your life), you have to start making choices for yourself instead of letting everyone else decide things for you.


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